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Shellac Nails FAQ

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How long does Shellac last?

It can vary from person to person.  CND, the creators of shellac advertise their product to last 2 weeks without chips.  Depending on your regular activities, and chemicals you may be exposed to, we find that Shellac on average will last 1 - 2 weeks.  

Firstly things to avoid to prolong your wear:  Acetone (nail polish remover), bleach, isopropyl alcohol, other harsh chemicals.  Although generally beauty therapists can get a good weeks wear out of Shellac while still being regularly exposed to Acetone (the main ingredient used for removal of Shellac) it is still recommended that you avoid these products if possible.  

If you have your hands in water for a fair period of the time you may also find that this reduces the wear of shellac.  And most importantly, dont pick at it.  Although Shellac will withstand a lot of abrasion its not impenetrable so please if your're a picker, try your best to avoid it. 

How long before an event should i get Shellac?

Well this is the great thing about Shellac nails.  Because they last much better than regular nail polish you can get it done at a time that suits you.  We recommend avoiding the day of the event just in case something happens and you miss your appointment, or for some reason the salon can not cater for you that day.  Try not to get it any longer than one week before in case the Shellac does not last the full two weeks for you.  Try to book in between24 hours & 7 days before your event.

How is Shellac Removed?

Simply 5 minutes of soaking your hands in a remover to soften the polish.  After soaking we need to scratch off the remaining Shellac.  We then clean up your nails & apply a cuticle oil.

Will Shellac Damage my Nails?

Generally no, Shellac will not damage nails.  There are however always the rare case where an individual reacts differently to the general population and reactions may occur.  More often than not these will be irritations or allergies.  If you are unsure, please always let your therapist know before hand.  I have not yet heard of any damage being caused by using Shellac and the removal method causes little to no damage to the nail as it does not require the nail plate to be filed down anywhere near as much as acrylic nails.

Is Shellac all Natural?

Unfortunately it is one of the few treatments in our salon that is NOT all natural.  Nor is it Australian Made, however there is currently no known alternative that is all natural.